Legal Office Management System/ MS Office Document Manager

by wangxianlg 9. January 2014 06:31


To the effective, efficient editing, management of your legal office document handling and electronic document storage in individual client and case files.


What it is . . . .

            WebSmarter Solutions’ exclusive

Legal Office Management System/ MS Office Document Manager


What it does . . .

WebSmarter Solutions’ Legal Office Management System/MS Office Document Manager allows you to simply and efficiently open documents filed in the WebSmarter Solutions Legal office Management System cloud-based case files directly into your local copy of MS Office, work on or edit the document, and re-file the newly saved version directly back into the proper client and case file.


When starting a new document in MS Office, you will also have direct access to a special Legal Office Management System document manager.  The WebSmarter MS Office Document Manager menu allows you to work back and forth between the two systems.  You can open up document inside the document library from Legal Office Management System directly into your local copy of MS Office.  When finished and you click “Save options” in your WebSmarter MS Office Document Manager menu, it automatically saves your document right back into the correct client and case on the cloud in your system. At same time, WebSmarter Solutions Legal office Management System will automatically identify the keywords in the saved document, indexing them for future searches.


Coupled with the whole menu of other exclusive features of WebSmarter Solutions’ Legal Office Management System, the MS Office Document Manager, will provide your law office with maximum managerial efficiency in all areas of legal practice operation and management, generating more billable hours at a lower overall cost than any other available option.


Contact WebSmarter Solutions today to set up an absolutely free, no obligation demonstration of the difference the Legal Office Management System can mean to your firm.


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Schedule Synchronization

by tdonnelly 26. January 2013 04:14


Schedule Synchronization functionality empowers users of


WebSmarter Legal Office Management System.  


Individual scheduling calendars can now be totally synchronized with other firm members and viewed on an individual or group basis.  Users can group and view scheduling calendars by User, Type of event, or specified room or location.  Events can also be color codes for ease of identification.  Browser access to calendar from Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Office computer.


When scheduling a meeting, hearing, conference call or other event,  the WebSmarter Synchronization Engine automatically checks the schedules of all participants for conflicts and instantly notifies scheduler of potential conflicts. Once conflicts are resolved, all participants are notified of the meeting specifics and the time, location, etc. are posted to their individual calendars.  


Scheduling calendars can be viewed on a permission basis, by day, week, month or on a timeline basis.  Any calendar can be viewed online, printed, emailed, exported or saved for future referral, again by specific permission.    Events involving a single individual only are also posted on their individual calendar, which can also be shared by permission.


For more information, please contact your WebSmarter Solutions representative at


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Custom Ad Hoc reporting tools and report self-regeneration make reporting easier

by wangxianlg 25. January 2013 06:38

The WebSmarter reporting system, already offering the industry’s most advanced reporting package which allows you to easily generate just about any type of report you might want with a minimum of training, is now even more powerful.


  • Customizable “Ad Hoc” reporting system – In addition to allowing you to generate Client Overview Reports, Case Overview reports, Company Performance Overview Reports, Staff Performance Reports, Staff Case Load Reports, Financial Reports, Expense Reports, and many other customizable reports, you can now generate “Ad Hoc” reports on-the-fly to see just about anything you might want to see, for a particular client, case or for your office in general. Reports can be printed or electronically sent to one or more additional staffers who require access to that specific information.
  •   Self-generating reports – Recurring reports can be named and designated as “Favorites”.   The criteria is automatically saved to be re-accessed with updated information at a time of your choice.  This can be done manually or reports can be self-generated at whatever periodicity you choose  Merely decide the frequency you desire this report to be generated, who you wish to share this report with and how and when you wish this report to be generated.  Your WebSmarter Solutions Legal Office Management System does the rest.  If, for instance you want a report showing clients with past due balances of 30 days or more sent to the office manager and each attorney every Monday morning as PDF, Word or Excel, via email, you merely setup the report once and each week, from then on, each designated person will receive an emailed report each Monday morning, until you cancel or change the request.



For more information, please contact your WebSmarter Solutions representative at




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Custom Field Generation

by wangxianlg 25. January 2013 06:31

Custom data-field creation – While your Legal Office Management System provides what most law firms consider complete client and case information fields in the basic setup. Now WebSmarter Solutions provides you the opportunity to create and report on unlimited additional custom data-fields that you might want to add for a specific client, case or unique reason.  Custom data-fields provide total flexibility and are sortable, reportable and can be added at any time without affecting the integrity of the system.


For more information, please contact your WebSmarter Solutions representative at



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Welcome To WebSmarter Solutions

by wangxianlg 27. July 2012 10:40


 What it is: It is a “Web-Smarter” way to manage your law office. It is an easily-learned, secure, robust web-accessed system that manages everything from individual cases and simple correspondence to billing and overall legal office management.


What it does:  The Web-Smarter Legal Office Management System creates organization, minimizes filing and clerical time and maximizes billable hours, all from a simple, easy-to-learn system.  It does just about everything today’s progressive law office needs to function efficiently, generate more billable hours, minimize paperwork and bring more dollars to the bottom line . . . . and, it is fully supported  by email or live full-time support. 


Legal Case Manager – Efficiently manages individually cases.  The system creates and maintains complete client files and individual case files within these, including scanned documents and images.  It also contains an “interactive” reference library, conflict of interest check, case activity and status tracking with case and staff-based calendaring.  Password-protected access from literally any in-house or remote digital mobile device, anywhere to all case-related documents, images, schedules, etc., with the ability to search both text and PDF documents, auto-fill court forms, and generate phone, text or voice messages, notes, or correspondence which is auto-transmitted with copies auto-stored or shared.


Legal Office Organizer – Organizes and minimizes your legal office paperwork, tracks employee attendance, measures individual performance, tracks appointments, court dates, etc.  Creates files for individual client, individual cases, while maintaining a general searchable reference library.  System auto-reminds clients and staff of important appointments, court dates, etc. It also handles messages, supports multiple languages, multiple browsers, multiple offices and multiple operating systems. Multiple level role-based permission management allows administrator to easily change permissions or enable/disable user accounts.  The complete reporting package generates custom ad Hoc and standard reports for measuring all aspects of office management, such as client overviews, case overviews, staff member and overall company performance and/or case-load analysis. 


Legal Office Business System – Tracks billable hours, tracks case-related expenses, creates customizable client billing statements, manages accounts receivables, generates collection reminders, and handles credit card payments.  The system also handles payables, generates checks, posts to GL Accounts and provides monthly financials and all necessary financial reporting.  



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